Building a A Beautiful Outdoor Wooden Deck

deck pergolaAs spring approaches our thoughts gently shift towards the outdoors. There is nothing quite like spending a summer evening outside in your backyard and in the company of your friends while enjoying a barbecue. We are social creatures and we enjoy getting together and talking about almost everything under the sun.

What will make that precious time together even more enjoyable is if we have a beautiful wooden deck to sit on. Our backyard is often a private place of refuge where we can relax from a stressful week at the office. It is a place where we can play with our children and spend countless hours doing our favorite hobby of gardening.

We also had an idea to build a pergola over the deck, in order to add a better atmosphere to the backyard and give us the ability to have a retractable cover and bring in shade on demand during hot summer days.

While at first we spent a lot of time researching how to build a pergola, we ultimately decided that that route is not for us. Instead we settled for the design pictured in the image above, and hired a professional to come build both the deck and the pergola. For more pergola design ideas, see

The only problem that we may have is that both the husband and the wife have a very busy lifestyle. Also, we do not have the knowledge or skills to construct some of our desired backyard projects like a shed, a gazebo, or a wooden deck. For these type of construction projects we will need to call in the professionals who can provide us with these backyard enhancements.

Therefore, as a family we decided to build a beautiful wooden deck to complement our backyard. The first thing that was required was to contact a reputable company that was experienced in building backyard wooden decks. We had an idea of a multilevel deck with fire pit that we wanted to build but we also wanted to get some expert feedback on whether this type of deck was feasible or not.

We searched the various typical locations to find ideas and a company. We used to help iron out our plans, and the Yellow Pages and online review sites to fins a contractor. One company,, impressed us because of their many years of being in the business and the variety of Class A contractor experience they had, from simple fixes through complete renovations.

We concluded that a company that was good would not survive that many years unless they provided excellent installation and service. We therefore gave them a call and asked them to send over a representative so that we could receive some information and an estimate of the cost.

The company sent over a man who has been in the decking business for over 30 years. His knowledge about deck construction and the different materials that were available was unbelievable. In detail he explained to us the different types of decking surfaces and the pros and cons of each type of surface. It was very easy for us to make a decision after we had talked to this very knowledgeable man.

The price that was quoted was also quite reasonable and well within our budget. We signed a contract and were pleasantly surprised when the company showed up the following Monday morning exactly on time as they said they would. The installers very friendly and proceeded to construct the deck in record time.

It only took two days for them to build our dream deck in our backyard complete with fire pit. We were completely satisfied with the quality of work and will highly recommend this company to any of our friends, workmates, or neighbors. All that is now left for us to do is to start up the barbecue and enjoy our beautiful wooden deck.

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