Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Small Homes

tiny house kitchenTired of your current kitchen design in your home? Are you looking for renovation or remodeling ideas? Do you have a design idea for your new kitchen?

Well, here are some exceptional kitchen remodeling tips you should look at for small kitchen spaces.

Small Kitchen Designs and Remodeling Ideas

ï    Avoid wasting space in your kitchen by carefully placing all your kitchen items. For instance, any breakfast foods or bowls should be stored near the breakfast table. Also, place all the plastic containers or wraps near the work surface since they are mostly used to wrap leftovers. Finally, you should store all the flatware or dishware near the dishware to make loading and unloading the dishwasher easier.

ï    As for the walkways, make sure they are wide enough to avoid constant contact with the surfaces especially when youíre carrying dishes or food to and from the kitchen. Make sure the kitchen islands are adjusted accordingly to avoid tripping.

ï    If there is a lot of traffic in your kitchen, especially kids, you should place the cooktops away from high traffic areas. That way, children can avoid catching handles or spilling any food on the cooktops as they pass by. Also, the refrigerators should be readily accessible but safely put away from the kids.

ï    During remodeling, most people have problems with placing the microwave. In some cases it might be too high which makes it harder for shorter people to reach it. On the other hand, it might be too low which is a safety hazard for kids. Therefore, choose a good height, out of reach of children but not too high that youíre not able to reach it effortlessly.

ï    Corners might be a little hard to deal with and eventually you might end up wasting very functional space. To avoid this make sure any appliancesí doors donít bang into each other when opened. Also, you should carefully place for any swinging and clearance direction. If possible, if there is a little space left in the corners, you should place some cabinets or storage drawers to avoid any wastage.

ï    Design your kitchenís island depending on the function. Therefore, if you want to cook or eat on the island, you should create enough space to make sure the workspace is safely far away from the dining place.

ï    You should create some landing space on your countertop especially near the cooktops, microwave or refrigerator. Here, you can place any items before transferring them to the island or any other place in the kitchen.

ï    Most kitchen remodeling projects always go wrong when it comes to countertop space. If you prepare meals more frequently, you should create a larger space between the sink and the workspace. If you love baking with your kids, you can create varying heights of countertops to make it easier to involve your kids in the whole process.

There are lots more tiny house design ideas that are perfect for people living in small homes. However, with these few, you can create the perfect design while incorporating safety to make sure your kids are safe at all times.

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